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This Scale introduced at Oshkosh Airventure 2016 is sporting a larger usable surface. Choose either 2,000 x .5 lb or 3,000 x 1 lb Capacity.  With the smaller display area, it is less likely to be damaged.  If your tires or floats obscure the display, you can still read it externally if you purchase the new Smart Remote Display.  That allows this product to be either built-in or remote, whichever best fits the aircraft that is being weighed.

Power up your new scale with  A/C adapter.

We recommend calibration to be done at our Springdale facility for a cost of $35 per scale per year, plus shipping.  Shipping is quite inexpensive as we have made the components easy to remove, and the casting is no longer required for recertification.  If you prefer local calibration please check out our Smart II scales on our Home page, or optional calibration tool below

You can see the simplicity of design in the photo below.

  On the bottom two photos you can see an optional calibration tool.  This tool is not needed if you plan to use our in-house calibration/certification service.


Not Currently available.