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   2,000 lb. x .5 lb.  or 3,000 lb. x 1 lb.                             Capacity 


Runs on (3) AA batteries which you can purchase anywhere, or included A/C adapter.

Digital readout is backlighted.  Backlight works on a timer that resets with movement or motion on the scale.  The Weight reading comes with no time out.  You will not have to worry about it shutting off before you are ready.  Batteries should last 8 hours of operation, but should be removed for storing for long periods.

This unit can be calibrated at our shop, or at a local scale company, with no need to purchase a calibration tool.  Everything is included that qualified technicians need to recertify your equipment.

Because many companies charge too much for this service, we have made the unit easy to disassemble so you can send the internal pieces to our shop with minimum effort, and never have to pay for shipping the frames back and forth.  We charge $35 per assembly.  For a set of 3 scales, your annual cost should be  $105 per year.(plus shipping)  Please keep your scales certified on an annual basis.

Scales have a 12 month warranty. 

New Smart II Certified Scales 

$729.00 each choose 2K or 3K

Not currently Available