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Our HS scale measures 12" x 15" and is made of cast aluminum.  The electronic display has been recessed into the top to keep it out of harms way.  Your tire will be positioned parallel to the display to allow the readout to be clearly seen on the outboard side of the tire, or wheel pants. The scale top is powder coated gray.  The coating makes cleanup quite easy because most everything will wipe right off. The units are not water proof.  They should never be washed by hose or high pressure, but gentle hand cleaning should be all that is needed.

The display reads out to the nearest 1 LB and features a LCD backlite that comes on with motion and stays on for enough time to record your reading accurately.  Scale never turns off unless you tell it to.  Only the backlite is on a timer, and comes back on anytime you cause a little motion.  A convenient handle has been machined into the bottom to make it easy to carry your new scale.  We are now installing a toggle switch that is easily accessed through the handle opening. This switch allows you to place your scale into storage mode.  This will give much longer battery life.  Unit is powered by either the A/C adapter, or the rechargeable battery. (Both included)

The scale comes certified, and currently satisfies all FAA requirements for 12 months.  Recertification at our shop cost $20.00 per scale.  We recommend an inspection every year, but most scales will hold their calibration for much longer.  We prefer to keep your unit in top shape, and do offer many upgrades if you use our service.  We do also provide instructions on our web site so that calibration can be preformed by scale technicians in your area.  You choose which is best for you.

Shipping box is 17" x 13" x 6" and typical shipping weight is 32 LB

Shipping and taxes (if any)  are not included. 

 Warranty is 12 months covering any manufacturing defects.  Battery is not covered by our warranty, but with care should last several years.

Contact info: mike@s4p.club